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              座机号码: 0519-81660866

              24小时热线: 132-7039-3000


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                     ChangZhou LANYANG Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu, is a design, development, manufacturing, sales, construction and service in an integrated waste gas treatment company.

                     The company at the time of the establishment of determined people-oriented, science and technology to promote development of the concept, has always been "based on environmental protection, intellectual energy conservation, improve the ecological environment" for the mission, on the company's main business social responsibility, strict established at any time can a customer perspective, so that our customers spend the least money to do the highest quality engineering, and quality of service and satisfactory treatment effect won the majority of customer recognition.

                     ChangZhou LANYANG Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. Changzhou R & D, production and sales of China market new high-tech environmental purification products, specializing in various types of environmental protection project management. We have dozens of professional and technical personnel, skilled production and engineering staff. Approved by the state and obtain the relevant qualifications, is a professional engaged in various types of industrial waste gas, waste water, noise, dust desulfurization, oil fireworks smoke, ventilation and cooling such as the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of high-tech modern environmental protection companies. Our high-tech environmental technology industries as the main business, fully committed to scientific research results into products sales and service. Our aim is to work diligently to provide customers with a full range of environmental solutions and good service quality to improve employee productivity and customer work environment, but also blue green water in the community.

                     All employees in "good faith strong enterprises and build brand character" of our faith, to create affordable products as their responsibility, for all customers with more secure, effective environmental purification equipment for the goal, we continue to promote technology innovation, product innovation, quality and effective products and meticulous service to return to the community and the people.

                     ChangZhou LANYANG Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. sincerely hope that with the new and old friends to establish and maintain friendly relations of cooperation for mutual benefit, to create a truly green pollution-free low-carbon green living environment.